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Full Name: Alan Clark

Date: 03/05/2013

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Message: Brings back memories

Full Name: Joh du Toit

Date: 2013-04-25

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Message: I have the highest respect fo what you have done and how much was achieved without receiving acknowledgement. I pray that you keep your memories alive and expand the site!
I would dare to say that Selous inspired many and that includes Buffalo (SADF) whom excelled where you left.

Full Name: Shaza Grainger

Date: 22 April 2013

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Message: WOW. I am writing because this was a very nostalgic visit for myself plus my dear uncle Don H. Grainger ( now deceased) wrote a book that the scouts used - 'Dont die in the Bundu'.
Love this site. Keep up with the good work guys.
All the best.

Full Name: Steve Worrall-Clare

Date: 22nd April 2013

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Message: Just want to say a great effort and a truely great webpage - was in Balif Intel and still have fond memories doing a little for and with you guys. Still have a good few buddies in the unit, and good time memories live forever. Keep up the effort and cant wait to get the Book. Cheers.


Full Name: Bob Evans

Date: 12 April 2013

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Message: Just finished reading Selous Scouts Top secret War by Lt.Col. Ron Reid Daly- couldnt put it down. Even knowing what the eventual outcome was, it sadened me to read how you were treated at the end- you were all trully amazing- not surprising you scared the terrs!! This site is amazing and will visit it regularly. God bless you all and THANK YOU!!!

Full Name: Luther Truman Tate

Date: 10Apr2013

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Message: Was training as pilot in 1970. My intention was to come to
Rhodesia to help. Mr. Nixon saw fit to draft my big white ass instead. God bless Rhodesia!

Full Name: oliver sabatino

Date: 1st april 2013

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Message: From a ex 32bn soldier, just want to say good to see a proud units history been maitained.
i have a selous scout book signed by Ron Reid Daly in my miltary book collection that im very proud of.

├Ąt the going down of the sun and in the morning we will rememebr.
Oliver Sabatino( sgt) retired

Full Name: willem van der merwe

Date: 20130322

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Message: very nice page

Full Name: Shane Fouche

Date: 19 February 2013

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Message: Great site. A selous scout by the name of Bill Boshoff is a great friend of mine. Awesome friend:
Selous Scouts Roll
NUMBER 76245
WING 257
Airborne regards
3 Para bn

Full Name: Christopher Lakin

Date: 03/15/2013

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Message: To the scouts, the work you ouens did was absolutely stunning, both in terms of its technical prowess and effectiveness, and its bravery and the honor and safety it brought to the people of Rhodesia. Without your cunning and guts, the hope of democracy, civilization, and progress could not have held out for nearly as long as it did against the weight of international insanity. As somebody from a generation that never had the chance to see the glory of Rhodesia, your story is an inspiration that I hope to carry on and spread so it will never be forgotten. Pamwe Chete!

To the webmasters, an excellent site to learn more about the story of these brave men. Thank you.

Full Name: Johan van Eeden

Date: 06 March 2013

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Message: Have visited the site a number of times and am glad to see it is still growing and that visitors and ex-members of the unit have not forgotten their fellow members and friends. The Selous Scouts did excellent work and managed to stave off the external onslaught for a number of years. Long may the be remembered as some of the best fighting soldiers ever known.

Full Name: Neville Croxford

Date: 03/03/13

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Message: Rhodesian Grey's Scouts Regiment

Full Name: george w. dahl

Date: 27FEB2013

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Message: Honor is everything

Full Name: Martinique Grobler

Date: 26/02/2013

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Message: Would like to get more information on the scouts . Not so much dates but info. Still found site useful

Full Name: James Bursley

Date: 2-21-13

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Message: Retired Navy veteran, keen interest in military history.

Full Name: Allan Cecil Poultney

Date: 21st February 2013

Ex Member: Yes

Message: Great initiative, I can add some more info if required.
Really brings back memories of the great comradeship we all shared in the unit.

Full Name: Anne-Marie Lewis-Heaton

Date: Feb. 18, 2013

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Message: Amazing it!

Full Name: andrew muranda

Date: 06 feb 2013

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Message: I served in 1 zim commando in the 1980 s.just checking out rhodesian/zimbabwean special forces.

Full Name: Eric Bernon

Date: 30/01/2013

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Message: awesome website. Brave soldiers.Gods own country.

Full Name: sgm john h horner

Date: 25 Jan 2013

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Message: Im impressed everytime I hear of Selous Scouts. Im a retired SGM US Army, Infantry, would hve loved to had some off you with me. God Bless you all Pawme Chete & Faugh a' Ballagh.

Full Name: Brian Lennon-Smith

Date: 23 jan 2013

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Message: ok, I was just in 1 and 2 RAR, wish we had known everything you guys were up to, you certainly kept the heat off us in Andre Denison's company. to meet you were just ordinary guys, but ordinary you were not. you were the bravest of the brave, you make me proud to have been fighting for Rhodesia

Full Name: ian perks

Date: 20/01.2013

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Message: The good old days

Full Name: Eddie Roberts 'Cpl'RAMC

Date: 1/20/13

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Message: What a great country - Long live RHODESIA and 'up yours MUGABE'.
Does anyone have a picture of John 'Chunkie' Graham? I was the medic that was with him the day he gave his life for our country and passed to a higher calling. Always in my memories but would love to remember what he looked like - it's been so many years but just like yesterday.
God bless you all - Rhodesian's never die. they just fade away.
Eddie Roberts 726492 Rhodesian Army Medical Corps Dec 1973 - Dec 1976.

Full Name: Brendon Curley

Date: 16 january 2013

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Message: My father Pete Curley was a member of the Scouts. He was a great soldier, and my idol. He was a legend in my my mind. Not a perfect person..He had his faults. He loved being a soldier, and the Scouts was his life. He survived the contacts, and he survived being a frontline soldier for 20 years. Life deals cruel blows, and he was killed by a invisible illness called Leukemia. We were not close as father and son, but I do understand his sacrifice. All I can say is " Humba gashlie" You are, and always be my hero Dad.

Full Name: John McKinney

Date: 1/8/2013

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Message: I just happened to stumble on to this site. Thank you for what you've done.

Full Name: darthspringbok

Date: 03/01/2013

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Message: I was born in Rhodesia in Jan 1978 and emigrated a year later. I have grown up with stories from my dad who served in the army. He has told his own stories of the war and those told to him by friends in the Scouts. I have also read many stories from the many books he has collected over the years.

I may never see my country of birth again but will always remember the stories of the heroes that fought to protect it. May your memory endure forever.

Full Name: Ronald Sanders

Date: 15/12/12

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Message: Good to know some of us made it out and are keeping the story alive.

Full Name: WW Schwim

Date: December 2012

Ex Member: yes

Message: Brings back many memories. Most good - some not so good.
Splendid work, My sincerest compliments to all involed

Wally Schwim

Full Name: Ron Sanders

Date: 12/10/12

Ex Member: yes

Message: Let's keep the message alive regarding what we did in Rhodesia, and it will always be Rhodesia in my heart.

Full Name: M davies

Date: 28 November 2012

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Message: Hi

This message is for Bill Moylan.
Ian Lennox passed away about 20 years ago. He has an older brother Quinton Lennox also from Bulawayo.

Full Name: Noel


Ex Member: yes

Message: just browsed through the guestbook after a long time not checking the site, very pleased to see that Sgt Martin Chikondo's son visited the site, it was an honour to have served with Martin, a very brave soldier !!!

Full Name: Phil Hemsley

Date: 25th November 2012

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Message: This web page is a fantastic tribute to all the guys that were part of this elite unit. Your dedication, bravery and immense personal contribution will be remembered and appreciated by all of us to the end of our days.

Full Name: Craig Hobdey

Date: 22/11/12

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Message: Son in law of Wally Insch.

Full Name: Peter Wilcox

Date: 15/11/2012

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Message: This is a fantastic website, I have a strong interest in the scouts, also have the book PAMWE CHETTI. Keep up the greta work.

Full Name: chris beversluis

Date: 3.11.2012

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Message: Hi guys had the pleasure of working with a lot of you moving you around different areas with my aircraft at thr time an islander we used to operate in the binga area regards to you all

Full Name: David

Date: 01/11/2012

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Message: My father was a scout, he doesent talk much about it so I found this site very interesting. I was able to surprise him with the knowledge I gained and he opend up about his experiances to me. Makes me proud to be his son.

Full Name: Trevor Smith

Date: 18/09/2012

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Message: Thanks, you really were the last true patriots against the red menace

Full Name: Joseph T.

Date: 12 Sept 2012

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Message: Without a doubt one of the most prolific counter terrorist units of all time. It would have been an honor and privledge to have served with the Scouts.
Joseph T.
20 year US Special Operations Veteran.

Full Name: Colin D. Heaton

Date: 12 September 2012

Ex Member: no

Message: Just wanted to say thanks to all who attended the reunion at Jim Schneeberger's and Marianne's home. Anne and I had a blast, and we look forward to seeing you all again. We really appreciate the assistance with the new book as well.

Full Name: gary carroll

Date: 11 09 2012

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Message: To,
My friend and ex Team Leader in baghdad,Iraq, 2004.... Staff S.G.T. Charlie Krause... Thank You for taking me under ur wing and Sending me Home Alive. My wife and Son, send thier Love and Best Regards, alongside a massive thank you.... Old Timer, You are a true Legend , and it was my Honour to have worked under and along side you in, One of the most the dangerous places on the Planet at the time. Take Care Charlie, ur friend for life, Gaz Carroll, ex 1ST Battalion the Parachute Regiment, Great Britain, Also, ex 15 Scottish batt, T.A. and ex Legion Etrangere.. MERCI.SHUKRAN HABBIBI,THANK YOU, Finnally in Scotttish, Nae Dramas.Little joe, R.I.P. gray Bransfield, R.I.P and also our SUD AFFRIKAN fRIEND, Mornay Peters,R.I.P.

Full Name: andre heidtmann

Date: 5 Sept. 2012

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Message: You were the best

Full Name: Chiwamira Dice

Date: 13 August 2012

Ex Member: Yes

Message: I was happy to see my workmates on this websites.

Full Name: Pete Whitfield

Date: 06 August 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Brother of Johnny Whitfield - KIA 5 Feb 1978.
"They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old...".

Full Name: Rob Wise

Date: 2/08/2012

Ex Member: no

Message: Just a quick message to say it is an absolute honour to have met some of your fellow Selous Scouts, members who are apart of the Nollamara Returned Services League (RSL) in Western Australia. I have been studying the scouts now for some time, and for everybit of infomation I read , my jaw drops further and further. I have the up most respect for everything , each and every member of the scouts did.

May their/your actions and history stay forever in the hearts of every person who meets a Selous Scout.


Full Name: Robbie Glenn Barrett

Date: 29JUL2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Law Enforcement with some tactical tracking.

Full Name: Luis NOVILLO

Date: 04/07/1974

Ex Member: non

Message: hello
I would like to know if it is possible to accede to your association, for I am an admirer of Selous Scouts, but I'm not a former member.
Thank you for your reply.

Full Name: Bernhard Becker

Date: 23/07/2012

Ex Member: no

Message: To all the soldeirs who paid the ultimate price and those who fought so hard you will never be forgotten. As long as there are those who care and who fought in the african wars your legacy will live on.

Peace to all those who still survive.

Full Name: Mike Colton

Date: 23/7/12

Ex Member: No 22 SAS

Message: Dear Sirs,

Just a note to let you know that a cross has appeared on our Bravo Two Zero memorial tree seat in memory of John Graham who died in 1974.

The seat is situated in the Allied Special Forces Grove, National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire DE13 7AR

Hope that this is of interest.


Mike Colton
Allied Special Forces Association

Full Name: Matthew James Nurse

Date: 16-07-2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Hi,

I would like to say hello and well done for this site. I am the grandson of the ex 2 IC of The Selous Scouts Boet Swart. Also the son of Rhodesian light infantry soldier and parabat Michael Robert Nurse. This is a wonderful thing to have started as it provides the old dogs with some sort of memory and sense of importance after all has been said and done! They did great things and we will be forever greatful to them!

Kindest Regards
Matthew Nurse
Pietermaritzburg South Africa

Full Name: Jim Levenderis

Date: 10 July 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Thank you all for what you men did for us Rhodesians as people and a country. My ever lasting sadness I was too young to serve, missing active duty by 2 years.
For all of you in the service, for keeping us 'Kids' safe to ride bikes in the suburbs and go to school in total safety, I convey my sincerest thanks, admiration and respect.
A hand shake too for all the maulings you gave the gooks.

May Christ be at your sides always.


Full Name: Hansie van Niekerk

Date: 8 July 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Exelent web site,hat of to these guys,worked with a few of them in Iraq,like uncle Ray Godbeer.

Full Name: Andre van Zweel

Date: 03 July 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: I had the wonderful privilege to work with Mr. Willie van der Riet during the 1990's in Johannesburg, RSA.
Sincerely a true gentleman and scholar of note!!
We respectfully called Willie "Uncle Wil or in Afrikaans Oom Willie" - and that is what he was to us as young men at the time. A true inspiration, mentor and example of what "Pamwe Chete" means. Oom Willie, I salute you and all your colleques at the Association.
Thank you for a wonderful web-site. Very interesting and informative. Keep up the excellent work. I will definitely follow the news!!

Full Name: Johan

Date: 2012-06-17

Ex Member: No

Message: Want to congratulate your with your web site. Was not a member but very much involved with you guys during the middle and the end of 1973 and most of 1974? It was an honour for me to be able to support your guys with more than a year of my life. I was part of a spes coin ops company of old SAP members who were trained at Inkomo barracks and in the valley by some of your instructors and old BSAP (PATU) members in spes coin ops sticks.

We operate in small sticks mostly in the north east areas of mount Darwin and along the borders of Mozambique as well as in the valley of north Mashonaland central, during the end and the beginning of 1974 -1975 as a normal SAP coin member in the Binga area. I retired from the SAPS but is still a member of the Koevoet league. Keep it up guys,let the legacy continues. May God bless you all.

Full Name: Garth Lansdown

Date: 2012/06/07

Ex Member: no

Message: Hi guys

Im an ex Rhodesian and proud! This is an excellent site which I will be sharing with my dad and his 7 brothers. They all fought in the bush war, in the terretorials or bsap. I bought a selous scout cap from a gentleman at the war museum in Jhb during an open day. Where could I get more? Would like to get for my uncles

Full Name: Kent Johnston

Date: 5/29/2012

Ex Member: NO


Full Name: Johan Botha

Date: 23/05/2012

Ex Member: no

Message: Great Webpage !

Full Name: Warren Bruce Turner

Date: 21 May 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Hi there, Tim and Masodjas. I was an infantryman with 3 R.A.R in Vietnam in 1971, and stayed in the Army until 1983. I followed the Bush-War of the 70's with intense interest at the time. You guys did a wonderful job, and should be very proud. I read your book, Tim, and thoroughly enjoyed it.. Cheers, Warren

Full Name: Francois du Plessis

Date: 15 May 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: I was a youngster during the war, and remeber being ambushed near Nkayi. Must have been about 3 or 4 years old.
I like the site it is dignified and professional, and recognise a few scouts in the pictures who are still living in Zimbabwe and a few i have met and know.

Full Name: Cecil Richardson

Date: 4/24/2012

Ex Member: NO

Message: I grew up on stories of the scouts from a family member who worked in the area. I alway thought I would try to join, but by the time I was old enough... they were gone!

Full Name: Gary Nel

Date: 22nd April 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: In memory of my father, whom i never knew. I was 13 months old when he was KIA

Jannie Andries Nel - 724447 - 26 June 1976 - KIA Gunshot wound during Operation Long John in Mapai

I was just wondering about him today and googled the Selous Scouts - WHAT A UNIT!! Thank you to all those who fought this battle for peace and our safety..

God Bless

Gary Nel

Full Name: Iain Officer

Date: 20/4/12

Ex Member: No

Message: A pleasure to see this record of the Selous Scouts and hope and pray the memory is kept forever. Salutations to all, God Bless you

Full Name: Nick Tselentis

Date: 11 April 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Great site.
Was a real honor to have taken part in operations with you all.
Stay well wherever you may be.
Nick Tselentis (ex 7sqdn)

Full Name: Stephen Lench

Date: 8/4/2012

Ex Member: no

Message: Inspirational, brave, talented men. People should be made aware of the numbers of black soldiers who fought and gave their lives in this most elite of regiments alongside the white Rhodesians. Probably the most misunderstood conflict in recent times, and the consequences of its outcome are terrible.

Full Name: Keith Weetman

Date: 05/04/2012

Ex Member: No

Message: looked at what you have done and tried to achieve- but unfortunately polititics stepped in and in a very short space of time Rhodesia changed its name and also its standing in Africa
from being a self suppoting nation to become one which depends entirely upon hand outs from other country's.
Ceci Rhodes and the rest of the men/women who made Rhodesia into the best run area in Africa must be turning in their graves--shame on cowardly politicians from U.K. and other countries.What a disgrace.

Full Name: Kim Townsend

Date: 9/3/2012

Ex Member:

Message: In memory of my father, William Robert Wixley, KIA 2 Nov 1979 during external Operation Murex.

Full Name: Stefan Rustscheff

Date: 2012-03-02

Ex Member: No

Message: From a fellow officer to a band of brothers-jolly well done.
My first work station was up at the border in Rundu, SWA, in 1987. Our pharmacy was staffed by a loyal Rhodesian couple.
Heres to You all.

Full Name: Michael D. Alt

Date: Feb. 24, 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: I have always admired the Scouts from the first time in the early 80's that learned of them. I could only have dreamt working with such dedicated and professional men. Thank You

Full Name: Ronald Hall

Date: 24 Feb 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Born in Rhodesia. Dad fought in TA for 14 years. Big respect for the Rhodesian forces with the Scouts in particular. Had the priviledge of talking with Col Ron Ried Daly shortly before he passed. Salute and respect to men who fought and lost theor lives to try and make a difference for youngsters like me who had no say in the situation! To all and white....I salute you!

Full Name: SFC Ronald K Moore

Date: 19FEB12

Ex Member: No

Message: In honor of my friend and fellow combat tracker MAJ David Scott-Donelan. One hard dick old man.

Full Name: samuel j floyd

Date: 2/15/2012

Ex Member: no

Message: I respect you men deeply
I think that in all of history the troopers of
the Selous Scouts and the men and women
of the Rhodesian Armed Forces
were the hardest fighting in all the world.
A nation betrayed and allowed to fall the
communists, now the world sees the outcome
of this betrayal.
May God bless you all
If I could have one wish, it would be to restore
Rhodesia and make it once the pround Nation
it once was.

With all my respect
Cmdr.S. J. Floyd

Full Name: Lea Givens, Jr.

Date: February 11, 2012

Ex Member: No

Message: I knew nothing of the Selous Scouts until recently. My Father, Dr Lea Givens, Sr, gave me a plaque, before he died, that says "Selous Scouts" "Pamwe Chete" along with the osprey emblem on it. He said it was given to him by a patient of his who had been in the Selous Scouts unit of the Rhodesian Army in appreciation for the fine medical treatment my father had given him. I would like to know who this man was. All I know is that he was a Selous Scout who lived in Sumter, South Carolina, USA sometime between 1980 - 2000. If anyone reading this knows or suspects who this person was or is, please contact me. I am very intrigued by the plaque, so much so that I have just bought the most expensive book of my life in order to find out more of the Selous Scouts. I really like the website. I think it is a great service this person has done to make it.

Full Name: gavin reynolds

Date: 7.2.2012

Ex Member: no

Message: long live the selous scouts,im an ex koevoet

Full Name: Frank Rauschning

Date: 28/01/2012

Ex Member: no

Message: Great website dedicated to a brave "band of brothers".

Full Name: LTC Brian Lionberger, USA

Date: 10JAN2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Respect and admiration to fine warriors and a fine Regiment.

Full Name: Bill Moylan

Date: 08-01-2012

Ex Member: No

Message: Happy newyear to Selou Scouts members. Also to all who served in the Rhodesian Armed Forces, who served Rhodesia. And to the people who have produced this splendid website.

Full Name: Jim Levenderis

Date: 04-01-2012

Ex Member: No.

Message: This unit has produced some truly remarkable individuals. While growing up in the '70's, I spent time in Centenary and got to know some Scouts there, who inspired me, and I have since been friends with many others who continue to inspire me.
It was people like these, and others in the Rhodesian Forces, that made it safe for me to ride my bike to and from school on the streets of Salisbury in those days.
Just by being linked to these people by Nationality makes one proud.
Thank you, one and all, for what you all did for us.