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Hi All,

Some of you will already be aware of Dale’s forthcoming fund raising motor bike ride to the Cape.

For those of you who are unaware of this amazing undertaking by him, please read the attached letters.

We are sending out this appeal for donations/sponsorship on Dale’s behalf, in the hopes that both individuals and companies will support this worthy cause.

Hande Forward Dale,


Ray of Hope Ride.doc

Ray of Hope Letter Re Dale Collet.pdf

“The Selous Scouts Regimental Association is holding a raffle to raise funds for needy members, and to donate to other deserving causes benefiting our members in need. The object of the raffle is a magnificent hunting knife hand crafted by one of our members, Roy Edley who is an expert craftsman in the art of knife making, as a one-off, specifically made for the unit’s 40th Anniversary.

Pictures of the knife, its case and brief explanatory note from Roy are attached to this email. It will be accompanied by a personalized Certificate of Authenticity signed by Roy Edley, and the President and Chairman of the Selous Scouts Regimental Association.

Raffle tickets are R100 / US$10 / Au$11 / €8 / £7 each. You can purchase your ticket/s by choosing any number/s between 001 and 1000 . Then you must advise of your choice of number/s, and proof of payment into one of the bank accounts below, must be sent to [with the reference ‘knife raffle’] before your numbers will be allocated to you. [If a number has already been taken, we will of course advise you so you can re-choose]

The draw will take place on the 26th of October 2013, at The Association’s 40th Anniversary Dinner, at the Sunnyside Hotel in Johannesburg, and Roy himself will draw the lucky number. The winner will be notified [if not present at the dinner] on Monday the 28th of October, and arrangements will be made to get the knife to its lucky new owner.

On behalf of the Selous Scouts Regimental Association, good luck and thanks for your support.


The knife is based on knives from the F C Selous period, normally made in Sheffield, England much like the one used by Sam Baker around 1845.

The overall length is 30cm with a blade of 17.5cm x 4cm wide and 5mm thickness. Knife steel N690 is used on the blade, hardened to 58 Rockwell hollow ground. The cutting blade is slightly curved, the back edge is for light chopping with a strong point for penetration. The guard, pins and thong are stainless steel.

The handle of Mozambique ebony is fitted on the tapered shank.

Etchings are of F.C. Selous, Col R.F. Reid-Daly with a banner "40th Anniversary". On the reverse side of the blade is the Selous Scouts Para Wings.

The case is Rosewood with an osprey carved on the lid and ivory inserts on the sides.


South Africa

Bank: First National Bank

Account Holder:Selous Scouts Regimental Association

Account number:62409796896

Branch name:Rivonia

Branch Code:250355



Bank:Wells Fargo

Account Holder:James Schneeberger

RTN (Routing number):053000219

Account number:3982561064




Account Name:Selous Scouts Association

Account Type:Business Current

Account Number:34164057

Branch Sort Code:60-06-33



Bank:Bendigo Bank

Account Holder:Selous Scouts Association Australia

BSB:630 000

Account Number:147419279


Our book, 'SELOUS SCOUTS - THE MEN SPEAK' has finally arrived in Johannesburg. Many of you on Face Book would already have heard the news.

There have been a few admin issues to clear up, and now we are starting to arrange distribution. It is quite a mammoth task, so please be patient.

In an attempt to try and avoid some of the horrendous postage costs overseas, we are investigating bulk consignments to our Regional Committee Members in the UK, USA and Australia. You can wait until we have this information for you, or you can choose to have your copy/s posted now. Please let Brian Gombart [] know which option you favour, and he will advise you of the postage costs.

We are also planning a bulk shipment to our Regional Committee Member in Durban to cover current and future sales in KZN. But likewise if you would prefer to have your copy/s posted now, please let Brian know. Local postage cost is R58 per book.

Those in the Gauteng area can either collect from Tom Thomas [31 Brendon Avenue, Morningside Manor, Sandton] or alterantively elect to have their copy/s posted. If you prefer the latter please let Brian know, and the former, phone Tom on 0828810633/0118041634 to arrange your collection.

If you have any queries or orders, please contact Brian [email: / phone: 0829005542] or Tom [email: / phone: 0828810633].


Association Book Committee

The Selous Scouts Association Committee has announced that it has elected Pat Armstrong as the third Association President, and succeeds Ron Reid-Daly who passed away on the 9th of August 2010.

This appointment takes effect from the 15th January 2011.

Pat Armstrong was the second, and last commander of The Selous Scouts Regiment, and retired from the Rhodesian Army as a Lieutenant-Colonel.

Hi All, We are very pleased to advise that The Standard has at long last reached its final resting place.

This has been a long process which has involved cooperation between our association [Jimmy Ley in particular], the SAS and the Imperial War Museum in London. After much red tape and rules and regulations to be followed for the transportation, housing and preservation of The Standard, it is now displayed at the 22 SAS Officers Mess in Hereford. A photograph is attached.

So on behalf of the association I would like to thank Jimmy Ley and the SAS for their tremendous efforts, and especially for raising the necessary funds to complete this task.


Well at long last we have the new ID Cards up and running; sample attached with apologies to Aub. If you want one all you have to do is send us a passport size photograph [email picture is OK but not quite as clear as an original photo]. They are free [unless you want to make a kind donation to the association], but we will need you to pay postage, as we will be sending them by Registered Post.

The ID Cards are credit card size, and each one issued will have a serial number, to avoid copying by those many fraudsters out there.

Send photo’s to

Selous Scouts Association

PO Box 3598

Rivonia 2128

Or email to

From: Ann Bishop
Sent: 22 May 2010 01:18 PM
To: Denise Reid-Daly; Thomas
Subject: Ron Reid Daly

To Ron, David, Denise and Glenda.

cc the Selous Scouts Association.

In light of this email, I unreservedly apologise for what was an act of good faith, and as always my motive was only to bring joy to Ron, but I was wrong and I am very sorry.

My assessment of his state of health was my personal opinion, not a professional diagnosis, and again I am sorry.


Ann Bishop

My computer will not accept David's email address so I would be grateful if you would forward this on to him. I have forwarded all emails to Denise already. People will read this and know to send anything on to you.



----- Original Message -----
From: Tom Thomas
To: 'Ann Bishop'
Cc: Dave R-Daly ; Denise R-D
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010 4:28 PM
Subject: Ron Reid Daly

Hi Annie,

Uncle Ron has asked me to send you this email, which he dictated to me last night, and I quote :-

“Dear Ann,

I was astonished to read your email where you took it upon yourself to set out procedures which people must adopt to make comms with me. I am equally disgusted at your references to my medical condition, which only a qualified doctor could possibly determine.

I demand that you do the following as a matter of urgency;

·Publish an apology to me, my family and the Selous Scouts Association.

·Send an e-mail to your entire distribution list, cancelling the previous e-mail messages regarding your assessment of my condition.

Should any of your e-mail addressees wish to send a message to me, they can do so to the following address


Ron Reid Daly”



From: Ann Bishop
Sent: 19 May 2010 11:03 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Please ciculate - thanks


'Give people roses while they can still enjoy the scent!"

So sorry to bring such sad news, but this time it has a tiny positive spin.

Ron is nearing his end very rapidly, and sadly it is too late now for visitors or phone calls, but he gets such strength from "the Manne" as always, so as we did with Mr Smith - if any of you would like to send a positive message to Ron, (he doesn't 'do computers') please would you email them to me, before friday, and I will put them into a binder and he can read them during his stronger moments.

It always amazes me how chuffed he gets when he hears what he meant to the men, and while he still has the strength, let's do this wonderful thing for him.

Bless you all,

Annie Bishop