Gallery of Selous Scouts ephemera and interesting items.

Service Certificate

Selous Scout certificate of service given to Scouts by Lt Col Ron Reid-Daly in the 1980s.

Dining Out

Menu for a Dining Out mess dress function of Lt Col Ron Reid-Daly, Saturday 3rd November 1979

Dining In

Menu for a Dining In mess dress function Monday 5th November 1979.  Signed by various Selous Scouts.

TCU Training Manual

Original Tracker Combat Unit training manual used to help new recruits to the school understand the terms and training methods employed. The Tracker Combat Unit was the forerunner to the Selous Scouts.

Terrorist List

List of known terrorist leaders and approximate number of terrorists in their group, from intel gathered between 1/1/79 - 31/9/79 by the RIC

Terrorist activity in the Gaza Province subsided

Internal communication regarding operational success in the Gaza Province

Zanu Camp

Internal communication regarding a Zanu Camp

Delegation of Powers

Document for delegation of powers of Commanding Officer of the Selous Scouts to Major Swart for the period 7 March 1977 to 8 April 1977

Selous Scouts Sign

Enamel on Aluminium sign that used to be displayed on the wall of the barracks.

Letter to Christopher Jele's Father

Letter from Acting President H.B. Everard to Lance Corporal Christopher Jele's father concerning the posthumous award of his son's BCR


Wooden statuette of a Selous Scout


Bust of a Selous Scout made in soapstone

Newspaper Cutting

Newspaper cutting on the death of Capt RSS Warraker, who was KIA when the Rh.AF plane he was in was shot down.

Award Certificate

Certificate for the Member of the Legion of Merit (Military Division) awarded to Sgt A Rabie

Selous Scouts Cigarette Box

A copper Selous Scouts cigarette box engraved "Selous Scouts Rhodesia 1979".

Can anyone shed any light on how many were made and for who?

Soapstone Bust

Another example of a Selous Scout bust made in soapstone

Silver Ingot

Commemorative Silver Ingot numbered 479


Enamel on wood Selous Scouts plaque

Letter to TA members of the Selous Scouts dated 16 April 1980

Letter sent to all Territorial members by Lt Col P.W. Armstrong OLM thanking them for their service, explaining the future of the Selous Scouts and how the TA element is to be disbanded and posted to other units.

Selous Scouts Star

Unofficial award presented to Lt Col Reid-Daly by his men in recognition of his valuable service as Commanding Officer, Selous Scouts