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Reunion 2011

Committee members during the AGM. Left to Right:
Dale Collett- Rest of Africa
Pete Stanton - Gauteng
John Cannon -Fund Raising
George Mitchell - KZN
Willie van der Riet - Secretary/Treasurer
Pat Armstrong - President
Tom Thomas - Chairman
John Ashburner - Uk/Europe
Alan van Rensburg - Mpumalanga
Left to Right: Dempsey Louw, Pat Armstrong, Bez Bezuidenhout, Rich Franz, Charlie Bland, Clive Wood, Johan Wolvaardt Left to Right: Ian Scott, Pete Donnelly, Rod Boden, Rich Franz, Willie van der Riet
Left to Right: Stew Hammond, Ray Godbeer, Johan Wolvaardt, Bundu Peters Left to Right: Barbara & Robin Tarr, Charlie Bland, Dionne & Clive Warren  


Left to Right: RSM John Pretorius DMM, WO2 Charlie Krause BCR and Craig Fourie Left to Right: Capt Tim Callow HC, Tpr Jim Schneeberger and Capt Richard Passaportis BCR at the launch of "The Saints" Left to Right: SO Tom Thomas, C/Sgt Kevin Taylor, WO2 Charlie Krause BCR and Sgt Bundu Peters.
Left to Right: Tpr Brian Ruxton, Tpr Merv Upton and L/Cpl André Coetzer taken last year. Left to Right: Pieter Sikkel, Tpr Merv Upton, Tpr Brian Ruxton and Tpr Jim Schneeberger in Brazil Left to Right: Pieter Sikkel (a work colleague from the US), L/Cpl Andre Coetzer, Tpr Jim Schneeberger and another work colleague from Brazil, Marne Slongo
Left to Right: Lt Col. Ron Reid-Daly CLM DMM MBE, Craig Fourie, Lt Chris Gough OLM and Capt Ant White OLM BCR DMM    

More to come!